12 Best Food Trucks in Perth to Cater Your Next Event

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The trend of food trucks in Perth has been gaining popularity in the Australian event industry for years now. We’ve curated a list of our favourite food trucks in Perth that add a delectable twist to culinary hot spots across major cities. These experienced chefs offer restaurant-quality fare and have traded in stuffy restaurant kitchens for the open road to dish out their favourite foods. Whether it’s a wedding, party, or other special occasion, hiring a food truck is a perfect way to infuse a casual vibe into your event.

Check out our list below for the best food trucks in Perth this event season:


Bringing the authentic taste of Texas-style American smoked BBQ to Perth, SMOKR is a popular food truck-based operation that caters to various events, including weddings, birthdays, private events, and corporate events. Their menu is designed to transport customers to the heart of Texas, with dishes that are slow-cooked to perfection using the finest quality ingredients and cooked to perfection.

SMOKR’s team is dedicated to delivering an authentic American BBQ experience, complete with all the classic sides and sauces one would expect from a Texas-style BBQ joint. With its mouth-watering and unforgettable meals, SMOKR has become one of the most sought-after food trucks in Perth for anyone looking to indulge in traditional Texan-style American smoked BBQ.

SMOKR food truck in Perth
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2. The Soul Van

Soul Van goes beyond being a food truck; it’s a mobile wellness and lifestyle service that is devoted to feeding the soul in Perth. The menu comprises fresh, healthy food made with love, catering to all dietary requirements, including meat, vegan, veg, GF, and dairy-free. Soul Van believes that food plays a crucial role in complete happiness, and they’re passionate about sharing their offerings with the world, whether it be at festivals or events throughout Perth.

With their unique brand of nourishment, Soul Van has become one of the most sought-after food trucks in Perth for anyone who wants to experience the difference that comes from eating healthy, delicious food that feeds the soul.

The Soul Van night time
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3. Barista Honeys

Savour the taste of hope and support a worthy cause with every cup of coffee from Barista Honeys, the renowned coffee truck in Perth. With every purchase, the truck gives back to NGOs that aid medics, veterans, and first responders. Indulge in heavenly coffee, bagels, and treats that bring satisfaction and joy to your taste buds. You can relish their excellent service and coffee, which are sure to make your day. Barista Honeys, with its stylish beach-style van and aesthetic, is ready to serve at your next event in Perth, offering a delightful coffee and treat experience. From casual get-togethers to corporate events, Barista Honeys’ coffee and treats are an ideal complement to any occasion.

Barista Honey's truck in WA
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4. The Dirty Swine

If you’re on the lookout for some mouth-watering pork-based dishes, then The Dirty Swine’s Asian-inspired American low n’ slow-food truck is the place to be! Their pork belly, Banh mi thit, Bao, and Thai pork salad are just some of their signature dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied and content. You can find this great food truck at public events in Perth, at their lunch bar or book them for your next event as a caterer. Their Badass Feast offer is a great way to try everything on the menu for just $55 during a 2-hour service time. With food trucks in Perth, you can’t go wrong with the Dirty Swine!

The Dirty Swine food truck in Perth
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5. That Food Truck

Food trucks in Perth have become a popular trend when it comes to catering for events. One such food truck that stands out is That Food Truck. Known for its mobile, fully commercial, self-sufficient kitchen, this culinary gem takes the stress out of planning your next event. Whether it’s a wedding, private gathering, corporate function, or a large-scale festival, That Food Truck has got you covered.

Gone are the days of worrying about the logistics of setting up a kitchen at your event venue. That Food Truck brings the kitchen to you, allowing you to enjoy freshly prepared, healthy food wherever you need it. Their menu focuses on quality ingredients and offers a range of options to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences.

With That Food Truck, you can expect a seamless catering experience. Their team of professional chefs and staff ensure that every detail is taken care of, leaving you free to enjoy your event without any worries. So whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, consider That Food Truck to elevate your catering game.

That Food Truck in Perth
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6. Green On The Go

Green On the Go is the ultimate destination for those seeking wholesome and well-balanced takeaways, with a menu that caters to all dietary requirements. From vegetarian to vegan, gluten-free to dairy-free, their extensive selection of mouth-watering and visually appealing menu items is sure to impress. Visit Green On the Go’s food trucks in Perth from Monday to Friday at Crimea Reserve in Morley, or check out their ever-changing weekend locations on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

In addition to being a healthy and tasty option for your daily meals, Green On the Go could also be the perfect food truck option for your next event. Their focus on nutrition and presentation will keep your guests healthy and satisfied while elevating the overall culinary experience. Reach out to Green On the Go to explore the possibilities of adding a wholesome menu to your event.

Green on the Go truck in WA
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7. Base WF Pizza

For your next event, bring some Italian flair with Base WF Pizza’s authentic, wood-fired pizza that is sure to please everyone’s palate. Their secret, time-tested Italian pizza dough recipe is the key ingredient in their mouth-watering pizzas that are hard to beat. With food trucks in Perth, Base WF Pizza offers both private and corporate catering, bringing the best wood-fired pizza right to your doorstep. Their menu is perfectly crafted to include classic Margherita pizzas, as well as dessert pizzas like Nutella pizza, all made with high-quality ingredients procured from local markets or imported directly from Italy.

No other food truck in Perth caters to your taste buds like Base WF Pizza. Their gourmet pizza options are unmatched, making them an excellent choice for any events or celebrations where pizza is a must-have! So why wait? Book them for your next event now!

Base WF Pizza truck in WA
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8. El Aleman Loco

El Aleman Loco is the ultimate destination for those seeking delicious German-Spanish fusion cuisine that caters to all dietary requirements. Their signature, perfectly constructed dishes are available as vegetarian or vegan options and are 100% gluten-free, making them accessible to everyone. You can find El Aleman Loco’s mobile food stall at markets, events, and festivals throughout Perth, sating appetites and wowing taste buds with their unique dishes.

For a taste of what El Aleman Loco is all about, be sure to try “The German”, their delicious combination of fries and sausage. With a delectable menu that combines German and Spanish ingredients, you are sure to experience something insanely delicious. Don’t miss your chance to try their fusion cuisine — your taste buds will thank you!

El Aleman Loco truck in Perth
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9. The Spanish Casa

If you’re looking for some delicious Spanish cuisine for your next gathering, The Spanish Casa’s family-run food truck is a perfect choice. Their menu is a unique blend of Spanish Sudamericana and Italian heritage, offering incredible paellas and tapas that are perfect for sharing. Their exclusive use of high-quality ingredients ensures that each dish is made to perfection. In addition, their gluten-free paella comes highly recommended. Be sure to try their signature empanadas and prawn skewers too, and finish off with their tempting selection of sweet treats like crema catalana.

The Spanish Casa is known for their exceptional customer service and delicious cuisine, making them a popular choice amongst the local community. Food trucks in Perth have become increasingly popular and making The Spanish Casa a part of your event would make your guests feel special, cared for, and well-fed! With their amazing reputation, The Spanish Casa is a perfect choice for your next catering needs. Book them today to ensure that your event is a success.

The Spanish Casa truck in WA
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10. The Little Pink Van

For over a decade, Little Pink Van has been independently serving Perth with their gourmet organic coffee and fresh soft-serve ice cream, and they’ve recently added a range of delicious toppings and wafer cones that perfectly complement their full cream soft ice cream. But that’s not all – not only does Little Pink Van satisfy your cravings, but they also prioritize the environment by offering carbon-neutral and eco-friendly options, from their cups and lids to their cleaning supplies and even biros. With food trucks in Perth, Little Pink Van is the perfect choice for those looking for delicious treats that are also environmentally responsible.

The Little Pink Van truck in WA
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11. Jumplings

For those seeking traditional Japanese-style pan-fried dumplings that leave a lasting impression, Jumplings is the food truck in Perth to beat. Their unwavering commitment to using locally sourced ingredients promotes sustainability, supports local businesses, and results in mouth-wateringly delicious fare. With the ability to cater events in the Perth area, Jumplings is the perfect choice for anyone looking for unique and satisfying menu options. Don’t forget to taste their special 5-piece Jumplings dish, which comes with cabbage, sesame sauce, Jumplings’ truffled ponzu sauce, and coriander garnish. It’s the perfect way to experience everything that Jumplings has to offer!

Jumplings truck in Perth
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12. Merlion Seafood Street

For an unforgettable food experience, Merlion Seafood Street is the place to be in Perth. Offering a tantalizing array of street-style Singaporean seafood, they are the best and only spot in the Perth area for authentic flavours. From their signature sambal chilli fish mantou burger and chips to the salted egg yolk calamari salad served with rice – your taste buds will never be dissatisfied! Not only this, but they are also available to cater your next event, so check them out on Facebook to learn more about this unique dining experience or browse through photos that are sure to make your mouth water and leave you dreaming of food trucks in Perth.

Merlion Seafood Street truck in WA
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Transform Your Next Event With Delicious Food Trucks in Perth: A Unique, Tasty, and Casual Experience.

Today’s food trucks in Perth are modern marvels, manned by experienced chefs with years of knowledge and creativity. They offer a unique and tasty dining experience, no matter the occasion or event. From open-air BBQs to fresh seafood and traditional comfort food, the possibilities are endless when you invite a food truck to your next event in Perth. Innovative, health-conscious menus and passionate personnel ensure that no matter what kind of cuisine you crave, these experienced professionals will deliver with style and grace – making your event one to remember!

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