Discover Ballarat’s Top 14 Food Trucks for Your Next Event

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Welcome to our culinary exploration of the bustling streets of Ballarat, where the food truck phenomenon has become an integral part of the local event scene. In recent years, these mobile kitchens have emerged as cherished additions to weddings, gatherings, and special occasions, injecting a relaxed ambience into every festivity they grace.

Embark with us as we unveil Ballarat’s finest food trucks, each presenting a delectable fusion of flavours that celebrate the region’s diverse culinary heritage. These skilled chefs have forsaken conventional restaurant settings for the freedom of the open road, serving up gourmet dishes that tantalise the taste buds and ignite culinary passions.

From succulent BBQ delights to artisanal pizzas and exotic street food delights, each food truck brings its distinctive charm to the dining table. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey unlike any other as we uncover the top food trucks Ballarat has to offer for your next event!

1. Round The Way: Ballarat’s Premier Bagel Truck

Experience the culinary sensation of Round The Way Bagels, Ballarat’s beloved food truck. With years of expertise, Round The Way continually dazzles and transforms the catering scene with its chic food truck and innovative menu offerings. From festival-style catering to elegant plated dinners, the team is committed to delivering an unforgettable experience for all guests.

Whether it’s a wedding, party, or promotional event, Round The Way Bagels adds a unique flair with its vibrant food truck ambience. Guests will relish the opportunity to order directly from the truck, selecting from a menu tailored to their event’s needs.

Established in Ballarat in 2012, Round The Way Bagels quickly garnered a loyal following, providing a warm respite with its famed bagel burgers during chilly winters. As one of their most popular catering locations, Ballarat remains close to Round The Way’s heart. For an extraordinary catering experience that’s as unique as it is delicious, contact Round The Way Bagels today.

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2. Mr. Squidgy: Gourmet Seafood & Chips

Indulge in the culinary wonders of Mr Squidgy, Ballarat’s go-to for gourmet seafood and chips. This small, family-operated business in Regional Victoria prides itself on offering high-quality dishes at reasonable prices, all freshly cooked to order. Mr Squidgy’s menu boasts tantalizing options like barramundi and chips, salt and pepper calamari, and delightful family packs for a satisfying feast.

Dedicated to quality and sustainability, Mr Squidgy sources the finest ingredients locally, ensuring each bite is a flavorful delight. Plus, their commitment to eco-friendliness shines through with compostable packaging and cutlery, aligning with their ethos of responsible dining.

For a taste of seafood bliss that’s both delicious and conscientious, Mr Squidgy is the ultimate choice in Ballarat’s food truck scene.

The Mr. Squidgy food truck.

3. Woodside Food & Co: Authentic Turkish Mezze Delights

Chef Oz, a Ballarat local and the mastermind behind Woodside Food & Co brings his expertise to the forefront with authentic Turkish mezze cuisine. With a background honed in kitchens across Victoria’s vibrant food scene, Chef Oz specializes in crafting fresh and flavorful dishes that go beyond the ordinary kebab stand fare.

Woodside Food & Co offers more than just delectable food – they provide a complete catering experience. From their midtown food truck parked in Central Ballarat to boxed catering options featuring grazing boxes and made-to-order delights, Chef Oz ensures every event is a culinary sensation.

Whether it’s a gathering in Ballarat or an event across Central Victoria, Woodside Food & Co delivers Turkish flavours tailored to your guest list size. Explore their diverse catering offerings, including onsite cooking by Chef Oz himself, and elevate your event with bespoke furniture and accessories for a touch of class.

The Woodside Food & Co truck.

4. The Paella Guy: Authentic Spanish Catering

Bringing the flavours of Spain to Ballarat, The Paella Guy specializes in traditional mixed paella, perfect for weddings, engagements, birthdays, and recovery sessions. Executive Chef Nathan Inglis, inspired by his four years in Spain, is dedicated to sharing the joy of paella with every event.

From beachside gatherings to paddock parties, The Paella Guy’s mobile catering equipment ensures they can cater anywhere. With a commitment to quality and customization, they offer tailored packages to suit every occasion, whether casual or upscale.

Their catering options feature gluten-free paellas prepared with fresh, local ingredients, accommodating various dietary requirements. Plus, with pricing based on the number of guests, The Paella Guy delivers exceptional value for larger gatherings. For an unforgettable culinary experience that brings people together one paella pan at a time, trust The Paella Guy for your next event in Ballarat and beyond.

The Paella Guy truck.

5. East India Trading Co: Flavorful Indian Food Truck

Discover the essence of Indian cuisine with Ballarat’s finest Indian food truck, East India Trading Co. Nestled on Creswick Road, East India Trading Co. offers a delectable array of traditional Indian dishes, from everyone’s favourite Butter Chicken to savoury kormas and samosas.

Led by Executive Chef Ronnie Singh, East India Trading Co. brings the flavours of India straight to your plate, using the freshest local produce to craft mouthwatering recipes that warm the heart. Whether you’re craving a hearty meal or a quick snack, East India Trading Co. caters to all tastes and occasions.

From Thursday to Saturday, indulge in East India Trading Co.’s menu, available for pick-up or delivery. Enjoy the convenience of ordering your favourite Indian dishes from the comfort of your home, with delivery now available via Delivr. Experience the taste of India in Ballarat with East India Trading Co. – where every bite tells a story of tradition and flavour.

The East India Trading Co. truck.

6. Swa-ad Nepalese: Himalayan Spice Infusion

Swa-ad is the ultimate destination for authentic Nepalese cuisine on wheels in Ballarat. Tantalizing taste buds with the exotic flavours of the Himalayas, Swa-ad serves up a diverse menu tailored to multicultural communities.

Indulge in signature dishes, lovingly prepared with a blend of love, passion, and meticulous attention to detail. From the savoury delight of Momos, traditional Nepalese dumplings served with authentic tomato sauce, to the aromatic Nepalese Fried Noodles (Chowmein) sautéed with veggies and spices, each bite is a journey through Nepal’s culinary heritage.

Savour the richness of Nepalese curries, from succulent Chicken Chilli to tender Goat, cooked with Himalayan herbs and spices. Don’t miss out on classic Nepalese skewers, Sekuwa, marinated overnight for an explosion of flavour. Dive into the world of Nepalese cuisine at Swa-ad Nepalese Food Truck and experience the essence of Nepal in the heart of Ballarat.

The Swa-ad Nepalese truck.

7. I Love Burgers & Kebabs

I Love Burgers & Kebabs is a family-run food truck situated on Howitt Street, renowned for its ample servings at pocket-friendly prices. This establishment prioritizes quality ingredients and flavours, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for its patrons.

Whether it’s hearty kebabs or delectable HSPs (Halal snack packs), customers can expect substantial portions without compromising on taste. Every dish is prepared fresh upon ordering, guaranteeing hot and flavorful meals every time. With its reputation for providing generous servings at affordable rates, “I Love Burgers & Kebabs” has become a go-to destination for those seeking hearty and budget-friendly street food in Ballarat. If you’re in the mood for a satisfying meal that won’t break the bank, this food truck is worth a visit.

The I Love Burgers & Kebabs truck.

8. The Street Food Truck: Burst of Indian Street Flavours

Since December 2023, The Street Food Truck has spiced up Ballarat’s streets with an explosion of authentic Indian street food. Offering chaats, dosas, and bajjis, their menu is a nostalgic journey fused with bold flavours that redefine street food. The Street Food Truck isn’t just a business; it’s a culinary canvas blending spices, herbs, and love. Each dish is a masterpiece crafted with care, from the freshest ingredients to perfect seasoning blends, aiming to evoke joy with every bite.

Beyond serving delectable dishes, The Street Food Truck fosters a community of food enthusiasts and flavour aficionados. Whether you’re an adventurous foodie or craving home-cooked flavours, their menu promises a tantalizing experience and lasting memories. Their catering services extend to birthdays, weddings, and more. Join their flavorful journey and indulge in a culinary adventure that celebrates tradition and taste.

The Street Food Truck.

9. Roama Mobile Wood Fired Pizzeria: Italian Flavors on Wheels

Roama Mobile Wood Fired Pizzeria brings the authentic taste of Italy to historic Ballarat. With a focus on fast, fresh, and beautiful pizzas, Roama offers a unique dining experience with its handcrafted bases and premium quality ingredients.

Using a Valoriani Top 100 Wood Fired Pizza oven imported from Italy, Roama ensures unrivalled flavour and quality in every bite. Their menu, available at Ballarat Indoor Go Karts, showcases traditional Italian wood-fired pizzas cooked right before your eyes.

Beyond pizzas, Roama caters to diverse tastes with their newly introduced grazing boxes, perfect for individual indulgence or larger gatherings. Plus, their Soupa cart offers versatile vending options for private events year-round. While Roama’s custom-built trailer roams for future catering bookings and festivals, it’s currently stationed at Ballarat Indoor Go Karts, inviting locals and visitors alike to savour the essence of Italian cuisine with their fast, fresh, and beautiful pizzas.

The Roama Wood Fired Pizzeria truck.

10. The Hippie Whippy: Wholesome Soft Serve

The Hippie Whippy has been delighting Ballarat since 2016 as a beloved family-owned soft serve and gelati van. Their vibrant pink van has become a fixture at various events, from school fetes to weddings, spreading joy and flavour everywhere it goes.

With a wide range of soft serve toppings like sprinkles, choc dip, and sherbet, The Hippie Whippy offers something for everyone. They cater to dietary needs with vegan fruity gelati flavours and lactose-free milkshakes. While their products are gluten-free by ingredient, customers are advised of potential cross-contamination. Nut-free options are also available for those with allergies.

For community events, The Hippie Whippy’s adorable Mini trailer serves ice cream, milkshakes, and smoothies. Customers can enjoy lactose-free milkshakes and gluten-free ice cream options from Mini. Dedicated to giving back, The Hippie Whippy supports local causes such as the Good Friday Appeal and Ballarat Mental Health Collective. Explore their private function packages for your next event, big or small.

The Hippy Whippy truck.

11. Peaches Pop Up Bar

Peaches Pop Up Bar offers a unique catering solution for events in Ballarat. Housed in a vintage caravan, their charming bar adds a touch of elegance and nostalgia to any occasion, from weddings and birthdays to garden parties and more.

Clients have the freedom to customize their beverage selection by providing their preferred drinks and alcohol. Peaches’ team of friendly professionals ensures seamless service, delivering drinks with style and flair against the backdrop of the vintage caravan.

The vintage caravan not only serves as a functional bar but also adds a unique charm and aesthetic appeal to weddings and events. Its retro vibe makes it a perfect backdrop for memorable photos and creates a whimsical atmosphere that guests love.

Whether it’s an intimate outdoor gathering or a grand celebration, Peaches Pop Up Bar enhances the experience with its personalized approach to beverage service. Choose Peaches Pop Up Bar for a hassle-free and delightful beverage experience at your next event in Ballarat.

The Peaches Pop Up Bar truck.

12. Deja Brew Xpresso: Mobile Coffee Extravaganza

Deja Brew Xpresso, a mobile coffee van business, brings quality coffee to your doorstep across Ballarat. Established in 2020, they’ve become a staple at events, private functions, and markets in the Greater Ballarat region. Their large, fully-equipped coffee van ensures you never miss a caffeine fix wherever you go. From corporate events to local markets and everything in between, Deja Brew Xpresso caters to all your coffee needs with professionalism and excellence.

Whether it’s a wedding, a sports event, or a community market, their mobile coffee van offers a diverse menu featuring barista-made coffees, iced drinks, teas, and milkshakes. Plus, they accommodate various dietary preferences with milk options like full cream, lite, almond, soy, or lactose-free.

Experience the convenience of premium coffee on the move with Deja Brew Xpresso, your go-to choice for mobile coffee delights in Ballarat and beyond.

The Deja Brew Xpresso truck.

13. Bean Me Up: Mobile Coffee Craftsmanship

Indulge in the finest coffee, hot chocolate, chai, and milkshakes with Bean Me Up. With three vans at your service, we’re equipped to cater to events of any size.

Bean Me Up Mobile boasts two coffee vans and a coffee trailer, ensuring your workplace or event receives freshly brewed coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or refreshing iced beverages. We even offer a snow cone machine for warm-weather gatherings. Our coffee is sourced from Coffee Mio, renowned for its fresh roasts and exquisite taste. Additionally, we showcase local roasters at select events across country Victoria.

From meetings and functions to markets, parties, and sporting events, Bean Me Up is your go-to mobile coffee solution. Experience our exceptional customer service and immaculate mobile coffee units, making your next event truly memorable. Contact Bean Me Up today to elevate your event with our delightful coffee offerings.

The Bean Me Up truck.

14. Kombi Keg Central Victoria: Retro Mobile Bar Experience

Indulge in a unique vintage mobile bar experience with Kombi Keg Central Victoria. Our retro Kombi van serves as the ultimate party accessory, offering a wide array of beverages tailored to your taste. At Kombi Keg, we pride ourselves on providing an unforgettable experience at any licensed event. Whether it’s a brewery visit or a bustling food truck market, our mobile bar adds a sophisticated retro charm to every occasion.

With six taps on board, our Kombi van can pour your favourite beers, ciders, wines, or cocktails. Guests can even enjoy non-alcoholic options, ensuring there’s something for everyone to savour. Plus, our unique rooftop TV adds an extra layer of entertainment, perfect for showcasing images, videos, or branding.

Elevate your event with Kombi Keg Central Victoria and create lasting memories with our stylish mobile bar. Book now to bring the charm of Kombi-style serving to your next celebration.

The Kombi Keg Central Victoria truck.

Elevate Your Event with Ballarat’s Premier Food Trucks

The food trucks of Ballarat represent a modern culinary revolution, helmed by seasoned chefs who infuse creativity and expertise into every dish. Whether it’s a rustic barbecue affair or a refined seafood extravaganza, these mobile kitchens offer bespoke dining experiences tailored to your event’s needs. With their diverse menus and unwavering commitment to quality, inviting a food truck to your next gathering promises an unforgettable culinary adventure. Bid farewell to conventional catering and embrace the gourmet delights that Ballarat’s top food trucks have to offer, ensuring your event is an unforgettable celebration of flavour and flair.

Tips for Choosing the Right Food Truck for an Event

Choosing the right food truck can elevate any event, adding a unique and flavourful touch that guests won’t soon forget. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect food truck for your next gathering in Ballarat:

  • Define Your Event Needs: Determine the type of cuisine, dietary restrictions, and budget for your event to narrow down your food truck options.
  • Research Food Trucks: Explore different food truck options in your area by checking online directories, social media, and reviews to find ones that match your event’s theme and preferences.
  • Check Availability: Contact potential food trucks well in advance to inquire about their availability for your event date and location.
  • Review Menus and Pricing: Request menus and pricing information from shortlisted food trucks to compare offerings and ensure they align with your budget and guest preferences.
  • Consider Catering Experience: Choose food trucks with a proven track record of catering successful events and positive customer feedback to ensure a seamless catering experience for your event.
  • Taste Testing: Whenever possible, schedule taste tests with your top food truck choices to sample their offerings and ensure they meet your expectations for taste and quality.
  • Discuss Logistics: Communicate with the food truck operators about event logistics such as setup requirements, serving times, and any special accommodations needed to ensure a smooth catering experience.
  • Finalise Details: Once you’ve selected a food truck for your event, confirm all details including menu selections, pricing, and logistics in writing to avoid misunderstandings on the event day.

By including these tips, you can give readers practical advice for selecting the perfect food truck to cater their next event, adding value to your blog content and helping readers make informed decisions.

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