9 Best Cake Topper Suppliers in Adelaide for Your Next Event

Last Updated on September 1, 2022 by Project Party

Anyone can buy a cake and serve it to their guests. But not everyone takes the time to personalise it in order to treat their friends and family to a delight for the senses.

Cake toppers are unique decorative features designed to add a pinch of magic to cakes and make them visually and aesthetically pleasing.

If you like the idea of customising your birthday or wedding cake, Adelaide is the right place to be because it is home to many talented cake topper suppliers that can turn your ideas into reality.

Check out our list below for the best Cake Topper Suppliers in Adelaide this event season:

1. Deer Little Fox

The artists at Deer Little Fox are passionate about fabricating stylish items their customers can use to decorate their cakes, events, homes, workplaces, etc.

They work hand-in-hand with customers to come up with creative designs to bring even the most extravagant ideas to life.

Known for their handmade and laser-cut delights, Deer Little Fox can craft a many items suitable for all of life’s milestones.

Deer Little Fox is more than a party goods supplier, it’s a dependable partner.

Deer Little Fox topper
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2. Living On Trend

Living On Trend is a party shop in Adelaide that can elevate your special moments.

The experts at Living On Trend can design and craft elegant name plaques, invites, event signs, and cake toppers. They can also personalise glassware for weddings and other important occasions.

Creating magic is Living On Trend’s business, which is why their products and services are always in high demand.

With Living On Trend in your corner, you’ll have peace of mind that your cake and venue will truly be one of a kind.

Living On Trend baby shower topper
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3. The Sweet Creative Side

Transform your cake into a piece of art with the assistance of The Sweet Creative Side.

The Sweet Creative Side specialises in crafting unique, custom-made cake toppers. Their products are suitable for all themes and events.

Using quality materials and artistic techniques, the artisans at The Sweet Creative Side are known to fabricate toppers that will exceed your wildest dreams.

No concept is too challenging or too simple for The Sweet Creative Side in Adelaide.

The Sweet Creative Side Pokemon
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4. TopperCrazy

Topper Crazy has something special for every event. It’s one of Adelaide’s most reputable party goods suppliers read to accommodate your needs.

Known for crafting fun and interesting cake toppers, Topper Crazy is always happy to help customers decorate their cakes.

Whether you’re a couple about to get married or a child celebrating a birthday, the experts at Topper Crazy will walk the extra mile to personalise your cake and make it as beautiful as it is tasty.

TopperCrazy Spongebob
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5. Love Lottie

Love Lottie in Adelaide specialises in creating personalised bespoke designs for all kinds of occasions.

The craftsmen at Love Lottie use their skills to fabricate items that will blow your guests away. Their goal is to craft stylish keepsakes that customers will treasure for years to come.

They love working with their clients, which is why they are always able to deliver top-quality cake toppers, wall signs, tags, gifts, etc. You won’t regret giving Love Lottie your business.

6. Little Dance

Few party shops in Adelaide can rival Little Dance when it comes to the design and fabrication of cake toppers.

Offering a wide selection of acrylic cake toppers, Little Dance can convert wedding and birthday cakes into true masterpieces. Each topper is personalised to the individual demands of each customer.

Little Dance’s mission is simple – to help party throwers decorate their cakes so they match the inspiration of the party.

Little Dance forever topper

7. Pearl’s Creations

You don’t have to look long for detailed and beautiful fondant figures because Pearl’s Creations is always ready to lend a hand.

Customers can choose from a vibrant and large selection of cake toppers suitable for all kinds of events. To make things better, you can ask Pearl’s Creations to craft your own custom design by combining different styles, colours, and fonts.

Pearl’s Creations is known to deliver the “WOW” effect, which is why we are confident your guests will be impressed with the design of your cake.

Pearls Keepsakes cars topper

8. Bluebird Keepsakes

Specialising in personalised keepsakes and decor, Bluebird Keepsakes is a team of talented artisans who can create and craft products of the highest standards.

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for Bluebird Keepsakes, which is why they always measure twice and cut once. Their objective is to fabricate cake toppers and other items that their clients will happily keep as a memento of their life achievements.

With the help of Bluebird Keepsakes, you can easily serve a cake that will leave all your guests in awe.

Bluebird Keepsakes dino topper

9. Tasty Bakes

Tasty Bakes is a well-known cake maker serving the Adelaide area.

Specialising in handcrafting custom cakes and cake toppers, Tasty Bakes can transform even the most basic function into a quality event.

Sourcing its ingredients locally, Tasty Bakes does more than bake cakes. It creates works of art that are topped with chic and interesting decorative features that give each cake its own character.

Working with Tasty Bakes will allow you to get a delicious cake and a quality topper with a single phone call.

Tasty Bakes farm toppers


Cake toppers are decorative features that give cakes a unique appeal.

Cake toppers bring a touch of magic and art to a party. You can keep your cake toppers as reminders for life events, and your guests will love taking photos to share the occasion themselves.

Check out all the cake toppers suppliers available in Adelaide to cater your event.