7 Dinosaur Party Ideas for Throwing a ROARsome Birthday Bash

Last Updated on August 31, 2022 by Project Party

A dinosaur birthday party is an absolute favourite for kids this year, and who could blame them? There’s something that fascinates us all about the ancient reptiles that used to roam around. For kids it’s a great mix of imagination and fun, not to mention educational (but don’t tell them that! That’s no fun).

Our own little dino-dude requested this theme for his own 5th birthday party so we’re going to share the best dinosaur party ideas to make your child’s Dinosaur theme come to life.

Upfront, in bringing our Jurassic party to life we made sure to:

Support Local

Project Party wanted to say a big thanks to the businesses affected most during the events of 2021.

We are big believers in supporting local businesses and what better way to do that than by throwing a birthday party that uses local party professionals.

We’re from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and we wanted to include as many local businesses as we could in this project.

No Stress Planning

Using Project Party to organise our party supplies was a breeze. We’re lucky to have many amazing businesses from our region to choose from.

We found vendors who could make a dinosaur theme extra special, messaged directly for a quote, and had everyone booked in a flash.

Dinosaur Party Ideas to Creatively Build Your Own Cretaceous Environment

Now we’re ready to party, and you’re preparing the ultimate Dinosaur birthday, but you’re not sure exactly what you’re going to need.

Here’s a checklist for some great dinosaur party ideas you need to plan the perfect party for your Dinosaur obsessed kid.

1. Are You Not Entertained?

Choosing an entertainer for your kid’s party is a great dinosaur party idea. It’s not easy keeping many excited kids under control, so having an experienced entertainer to keep the fun flowing is priceless.

Not only will it take some of the pressure off of you as the host, but it’ll also help ensure that all the little guests have a blast. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing those precious little faces light up with laughter and joy?

Naturally, we would LOVE them to come as a Dinosaur to match our theme so when they turned up as a Jurassic Park-Esque park ranger the kids were thrilled to go on a journey with them around our own park.

We are forever grateful for The Little Creative Co. for wrangling our pack of junior dinosaurs with activities, games, face painting, stories and lots and lots of make-believe.

Dino party Little Creative Co.
Get a quote from The Little Creative Co. for your event today.

2. Let Them Eat Cake!

It’s not a birthday party without a cake, right? And, an easy win for any themed birthday party is a matching themed (in this instance, a Dino cake) cake sitting front and centre for all your party goers to admire.

Organising a Dinosaur cake for your Dinosaur party is a must! Party Project is lucky to be near the extremely talented Sugar Princess Cakes. Their Dinosaur cake absolutely amazed our lucky 5-year-old who requested ‘realistic’ dinosaurs rather than your cartoon variety on which he was satisfied with the delivered cake.

And, the figurines that were provided on top of this masterpiece were played with well into the night and kept the dino-experience going on for days (in all honesty, it doesn’t semed to have ended).

Dino 5th Sugar Princess Cakes
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3. It’s All In The Detail

A themed birthday party is all about making sure the details are just right.

And, a vendor like Ruby Rabbit Partyware will have that eye for detail so you can pull off the best Dinosaur party possible. Their pieces and decorations are simply beautiful and all our big dino’s on the day were more than happy to use them too.

With Dinosaur party decorations, plates, and tableware, guests we managed to create our own dino den for our guests to sit at and feel like they are taking a ride through the Jurassic park. We could easily cater for a large group and set up and clean up were not stressful at all and many of the items we used were shared with friends and family for their celebrations.

Not the theme your going for? Don’t worry, Ruby Rabbit can help with a range of different themes and ideas that will suit your needs.

Dino 5th Ruby Rabbit Partyware
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4. Jumping Around

With the lollies and cakes, these kids are going to need somewhere to burn all that excess energy.

And weren’t we blown away when we saw local business Bounce O Rama has the perfect Dinosaur jumping castle (a dragon is a type of dinosaur, right? LOL) for our event.

A jumping castle or other physical activities are the best solutions to all that bursting energy kids have. Ours also came with a ball pit which was a great chance for the kids to relax and all set up and pack down was done with no fuss and with plenty of time for the kids to wear themselves out.

In my opinion, a jumping castle is a kids party game changer if you have the space.

Dino 5th Bounce O Rama
Get a quote from Bounce-O-Rama for your event today.

5. Food, Glorious Food

A party without food is no party at all. Some might even say that food IS the point of the party! No one wants hungry guests, and we recommend finding the perfect catering for your party to avoid the hassles of cooking and cleaning for large groups.

But don’t forget, it might be a kid’s party, but the adults need food too.

For that, we found the gorgeous Cheers Platters from our local area to provide stunning grazing boxes for the hungry adults too. A grazing box or platter is a great way to make any party more fun and engaging. And, while there are a few who don’t love it, you are neven likely to disappoint with a spread of cheese, meats and crackers.

As an extra tip, why not throw a few plastic dinosaurs in amongst the grazing boxes, or around your food, as an added touch.

Dino 5th Cheers Platters
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6. Take A Seat

With all the dancing, jumping, and partying that goes on at most birthday parties it’s important not to forget to give guests somewhere to recharge.

Luckily AVA Party Hire was available to provide chairs for a much-needed place to rest our legs. It’s not always something we think of first when planning a party, but believe us you’ll be glad you did when the party’s underway.

We opted for some long tables and small chairs for the kids spread which was really economical on the budget and created a space that we couldn’t furnish for the kids to all sit together and marvel at our dino world.

Dino 5th AVA Party Hire
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7. Point and Shoot

After going to all this trouble to throw such an awesome Dinosaur birthday party, don’t forget to make sure you capture the moment properly.

While some new phones do a great job of capturing events, there’s nothing like the quality of a professional camera.

Photographer extraordinaire, and Northern Beaches local Charlie Coquillard will be capturing the party for us to remember for years.

Dino 5th photographer

Birthday Party Theme Builder

Planning a Dinosaur Birthday? Or do you have another theme in mind?

Jump onto our Theme Builder and find vendors in your area ready to throw the BEST Dinosaur Birthday Party.

With the theme builder, it’s easy. Simply select your location and your theme, and we show you vendors who specialise in that theme.

A Huge Dino-Rific Extravaganza on a Small Budget Is Achievable

Throwing a Dinosaur party will just about make every kid happy. And organising it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. There are many amazing party suppliers in your local area just waiting to help out.

So support local businesses and throw the perfect party this year to bring some fun for the kids. Did we have any issues? The only issue we have is how we are ever going to top this party in years to come!

What are your dinosaur party ideas for throwing an epic kid’s birthday party?